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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

Paper / Cardboard
 14 Jan 2015

SELECTPERM => Development of packaging materials with O2/ CO2selective permeability for food packaging.

Nowadays, micro- and nano-perforated plastic films are used for food packaging, as well as materials with high barrier properties, which allow the use of packaging under modified atmosphere. Neither of these materials is optimised for products that do need to breathe (vegetables, fruits, and some cheeses). The perforated materials do not permit selectivity or control regarding the gas exchange, while the MAP in the high barrier materials is modified by the respiratory activity of the products. This may cause anoxia of the goods after a while.
SELECTPERM started in May 2014 and aims to develop a packaging material with O2/ CO2
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Catalytic oxidative process for waste water contaminated with pharmaceutical products
 16 Déc 2014

A new research project will start in January 2015. Here is a short description:

Catalytic oxidative process for waste water contaminated with pharmaceutical products

Research Organisation:
Project coordinator: (1) Dr Christelle Vreuls, Celabor
Partners : (2) Dr Philippe Delahaut, CER (3) Dr Stéphanie Lambert, Pr Benoît Heinrichs ULg-LGC
Important use of pharmaceutical compoundsleads to global contamination of aquatic media by a large spectrum of molecules. These compounds are introduced into the environment by waste waters containing human ejecta but also via wild pharmaceutical compounds elimination, agricole streaming waters and finally sludge or manure field spreading. Pharmaceutical compounds are currently poorly removed (20 to 50%) by traditional waste water treatment plants because they are
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SUBWEX – An eco-friendly extraction of new and “green” valuable bioactive substances
 21 Nov 2014

The project target was to develop an integrated process chain to produce high-added-value additives for food, nutraceuticals, cosmetics sectors and feedstock for paper industry at the same time. The SUBWEX concept intelligently combines the value added reuse of agricultural by-products, the eco-friendly extraction of new and “green” valuable bioactive substances, and the supply of solids to replace expensive fibre raw materials. It thus meets the demands of a variety of sectors in a synergistic approach. Subcritical water extraction (SWE) is at the heart of the development.
The results of this project were presented at a workshop in Dresden in October 2014. A summary is presented below.

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Let’s talk about fibers!
 07 Nov 2014

Thanks to its long-time experience in the textile area, Celabor is brought to characterize the fibers used to achieve different finished goods.

However, these analyses are no longer limited to the traditional fibers like wool, cotton or polyester used in clothes. It also involves other types of fibers for other kind of products.

So, the natural fibers used as reinforcement in composites, such as flax or hemp, are characterized in terms of dimensions and mechanical performances in our laboratory. A new version of our article about the measurement of short natural fibers is available here (French only) here.
Very fine metallic fibers, with a diameter from a few micrometers to some tens of micrometers, are also
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CELABOR at the EMPACK Brussels 2014
 09 Sept 2014

Like every year, CELABOR will participate to the EMPACK Brussels fair 2014. The Empack is the biggest packaging fair in Belgium.
Come and visit us on our stand E 020 on September 24 & 25! You can order a free pass here.
The Empack fair will present all the trends and new packaging solutions.
This is also the opportunity to attend seminars related to relevant topics as print packaging, smart labeling, food contact and sustainable packaging.
The conference program is available here.
Practical information:
Brussels Expo – palais 5
Place de la Belgique 1
BE-1020 Bruxelles

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A customized protection !
 25 Août 2014

In May 2013 began the collaboration between JAM&Ry and the Packaging Department of CELABOR, in the framework of a « Chèque Technologique » (www.ct.innovons.be).
JAM&RY (www.jamry.be), young company located in Liège which was founded in 2011 under the leadership of Catherine Jamar and her husband Luc Mairy, offers various solutions for customised wedging and protection of items during transport, shipping and handling.
The company has especially developed a cardboard corner protection : the Elastocoin (www.facebook.com/elastocoin), which received the Greener Packaging Award 2013. The Elastocoin is expandable in width thanks to its accordion structure with 2 elastic bands. Therefore, it can protect the corners of panels having a thickness from ... Read more

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