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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
 22 Déc 2015

Our offices and laboratories will be closed from December 25th  to January 1st included.

 We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2016!

Closing day of the “Grow2Build” European project aiming at developing the use of natural materials (flax and hemp) in the construction business
 24 Sept 2015

The EU Interreg IVB project ‘Grow2Build’ enters its final stage. Around 50 participants from 6 European countries joined a final event in Namur, September 2nd. Among them many SME’s, as well as representatives of research organizations, education and policy.
The Grow2Build partners hosted a visit to IsoHemp and ChanvrEco, two innovative producers of hemp and flax based building materials. Afterwards a selection of the results and the achievements of the Grow2build project were presented in Namur.
Topics discussed were improvement of fire behaviour of hempcrete blocks, results of a desk study on health and comfort issues related to the use of biobased building materials, bio-polyester as a matrix ... Read more

CORNET Research Project: ACTIPOLY
 22 Déc 2015

In Europe, nearly two billion tons of fresh food packaged under modified atmosphere were consumed in 2013, and the number keeps growing. Another big number related to packaged fresh foods is the amount of waste: about 40% of finished products are not consumed. Part of the wastage occurs in the supply chain (storage, transport and distribution), which means that the food being thrown away is still packaged! This shows that conventional modified atmosphere packaging is not always sufficient to guarantee the preservation of food.

Moreover, packaging thrown away along with food are usually oil-based, and can only be recovered through combustion. Therefore, food and packaging waste is both an economic and ... Read more

Changes in taxation of industrial waste in the Walloon Region
 05 Juin 2015

Since the 1stJanuary 2015, several changes have been introduced regarding the taxation of industrial effluents:
- The tax per pollution load unit of industrial waste water is now 13 €. Previously, it was 8,9242€
- The calculation of the parameter including the influence of metals now takes into account Ni and Pb with the same importance as Hg and Cd.
- An ecotoxicity parameter will be taken into account in the calculation of the pollution load, progressively between 2015 and 2018.

The introduction of this ecotoxicity parameter aims to integrate the effect of micro-pollutants which can be found in industrial waste water and that were not included yet in the current
... Read more

CORNET Research Project: SALICHEM
 24 Mar 2015

Saline plants use for chemicals and energy production
The SALICHEM projectstarted in the beginning of January and will last 2 years.
Halophytes are plants that grow in waters and soils of high salinity. In order to adapt themselves to this hostile environment, these plants had to synthetize specific secondary metabolites and had developed the ability to absorb salts.
Due to the global climate change, irrigation and deforesting, salinization of soils is becoming a more and more serious threat for agriculture. To prevent the loss of these lands, halophytes can be grown to decontaminate the soils by absorbing the salts. The biomass produced can be valorized in different sectors.
Here comes the SALICHEM ... Read more

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