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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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Changes in taxation of industrial waste in the Walloon Region
 05 Juin 2015

Since the 1stJanuary 2015, several changes have been introduced regarding the taxation of industrial effluents:
- The tax per pollution load unit of industrial waste water is now 13 €. Previously, it was 8,9242€
- The calculation of the parameter including the influence of metals now takes into account Ni and Pb with the same importance as Hg and Cd.
- An ecotoxicity parameter will be taken into account in the calculation of the pollution load, progressively between 2015 and 2018.

The introduction of this ecotoxicity
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CORNET Research Project: SALICHEM
 24 Mar 2015

Saline plants use for chemicals and energy production
The SALICHEM projectstarted in the beginning of January and will last 2 years.
Halophytes are plants that grow in waters and soils of high salinity. In order to adapt themselves to this hostile environment, these plants had to synthetize specific secondary metabolites and had developed the ability to absorb salts.
Due to the global climate change, irrigation and deforesting, salinization of soils is becoming a more and more serious threat for agriculture. To prevent the loss of these lands, halophytes can ... Read more

New accreditations
 09 Fév 2015

Further to the recent audit by the accreditation company BELAC, CELABOR has obtained new accreditations according to the ISO 17025 standard, which describes the requirements concerning the skill of testing laboratories.

In the agri-food sector, the determination of metals As, Cd, Hg and Pb by ICP-MS, already accredited for fruits, vegetables and essential oils, has been extended to the area of food supplements.

In the environmental area, the brand new device ICP-AES for the determination of metals has been validated for its use in the accredited methods.
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 14 Jan 2015

SELECTPERM => Development of packaging materials with O2/ CO2selective permeability for food packaging.

Nowadays, micro- and nano-perforated plastic films are used for food packaging, as well as materials with high barrier properties, which allow the use of packaging under modified atmosphere. Neither of these materials is optimised for products that do need to breathe (vegetables, fruits, and some cheeses). The perforated materials do not permit selectivity or control regarding the gas exchange, while the MAP in the high barrier materials is modified by the respiratory activity of the products. This
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Catalytic oxidative process for waste water contaminated with pharmaceutical products
 16 Déc 2014

A new research project will start in January 2015. Here is a short description:

Catalytic oxidative process for waste water contaminated with pharmaceutical products

Research Organisation:
Project coordinator: (1) Dr Christelle Vreuls, Celabor
Partners : (2) Dr Philippe Delahaut, CER (3) Dr Stéphanie Lambert, Pr Benoît Heinrichs ULg-LGC
Important use of pharmaceutical compoundsleads to global contamination of aquatic media by a large spectrum of molecules. These compounds are introduced into the environment by waste waters containing human ejecta but also via wild pharmaceutical compounds elimination, agricole streaming waters
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SUBWEX – An eco-friendly extraction of new and “green” valuable bioactive substances
 21 Nov 2014

The project target was to develop an integrated process chain to produce high-added-value additives for food, nutraceuticals, cosmetics sectors and feedstock for paper industry at the same time. The SUBWEX concept intelligently combines the value added reuse of agricultural by-products, the eco-friendly extraction of new and “green” valuable bioactive substances, and the supply of solids to replace expensive fibre raw materials. It thus meets the demands of a variety of sectors in a synergistic approach. Subcritical water extraction (SWE) is at the heart of the development.
The results of this project were presented at a workshop in Dresden ... Read more

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