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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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BYPROVAL: new valorization pathway for fruit/vegetable waste by a combination of extraction and biogas production
 31 Août 2016

The goal of the project BYPROVAL is the development of a combination of valuable compounds extraction and biogas production as a new valorization pathway for by-products of the fruit and vegetable industry.
Fruit and vegetable waste management can be very expensive for a business while they often contain valuable bioactive plant components that are of great interest to the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industry. Simultaneously, the biogas sector in the long term will be more dependent on organic waste materials in order to operate sustainably. 
This proposal completely fits the current trends in ... Read more

 16 Août 2016

CELABOR will be exhibiting at EMPACK
in Brussels on 21 & 22 September. Thanks to our code (10128), register for free and visit us at stand 9.D04 !
Click here to register

Subcritical water: an alternative to polar petrochemical solvents
 11 Août 2016

Water in the subcritical state is an alternative to polar liquids and semi-polar solvents such as methanol, ethanol, and acetone.

Additional benefits are associated with its use:
  • No toxicity, "Green" solvent
  • No residual organic solvent in the final product/extract
  • Non-flammable, non-explosive: less expensive installation (ATEX zone not necessary)
  • Modulation of properties by adjusting the temperature of assay - high temperature allows chemical modification of the material (e.g. hydrolysis)
Examples of applications:
  • Insoluble fibres extraction (e.g. hemicellulose, lignin,…)
  • Antioxidant molecules (e.g. polyphenols,…)
  • Proteins Extraction
CELABOR, with its experience of 20 ... Read more

CELABOR acquires two new equipments
 20 Juil 2016

Do you need to test the softness of your products such as tissues, toilet papers, kitchen rolls or textiles?

Do you want to perform accelerated aging tests on your products such as textiles, labels, packaging, plastics or cardboards?

CELABOR can help you thanks to two brand new equipments:
=> For more information, you can click on the links above and read the presentation sheets. Feel free to contact us as well!

How can we help you?
 04 Juil 2016

Are you looking for innovative ideas? We can help you!

Have a look at our website and at our presentation sheet for more information.

We are also at your service by e-mail at the following address info@celabor.be or by phone +32 (0)87 322 454.

Natural substances analyzed by CELABOR
 06 Juin 2016

Are you looking for a list of the natural substances analyzed by CELABOR?

You can find it here

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