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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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CELABOR awarded for the best poster among 150 participants
 15 Déc 2016

The packaging department of CELABOR, and more specifically Ninon Piacere, won the best poster prize at the 6th International Symposium on Food Packaging organized by the International Life Sciences Institute (ISLI). This symposium was held in Barcelona from 16th to 18th November 2016. 

The award-winning poster summarizes the results obtained in the framework of the European CORNET ... Read more

CELABOR's certification has been renewed
 14 Déc 2016

CELABOR’s ISO/CEI 17025 certification has been renewed for five more years, ensuring the quality of the results obtained in the Agri-food, Packaging, Environment and Textile sectors.

You will find the list of all our certified tests here (in French)

 25 Nov 2016

CELABOR, a quality partner for the development of your products.

Thanks to the encapsulation, it is possible to protect an active compound, to mask a smell or even to control the liberation of a molecule at a specific moment.

CELABOR can offer a very wide range of solutions for the encapsulation of your active compounds.

Have a look at our poster for more details.

Spray drying, a drying technique proposed by CELABOR
 22 Nov 2016

CELABOR, an actor of choice in the environment-friendly technologies and respectful of your products.

In parallel with green extraction processes, CELABOR offers affordable drying techniques like spray drying.

This technology allows to respect your sensitive products while transforming them into a fluid powder.

Have a look at our poster for further information!

BYPROVAL: new valorization pathway for fruit/vegetable waste by a combination of extraction and biogas production
 31 Août 2016

The goal of the project BYPROVAL is the development of a combination of valuable compounds extraction and biogas production as a new valorization pathway for by-products of the fruit and vegetable industry.
Fruit and vegetable waste management can be very expensive for a business while they often contain valuable bioactive plant components that are of great interest to the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industry. Simultaneously, the biogas sector in the long term will be more dependent on organic waste materials in order ... Read more

 16 Août 2016

CELABOR will be exhibiting at EMPACK
in Brussels on 21 & 22 September. Thanks to our code (10128), register for free and visit us at stand 9.D04 !
Click here to register

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