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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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Workshop Extraction
 01 Sept 2017

Don’t miss our workshop in October! Registration free but required before 13th September (cle@celabor.be)

- Check the full program of the event here

SALICHEM, a very promising Cornet project for industrial application
 10 Juil 2017

The SALICHEM project closed in December 2016 with a meeting with German and Walloon industrial partners, scientific partners and a representative of the CORNET grant program.

The objectives of the project (recovery of halophilic plants for cosmetic or agro-food applications and production of biogas) have been achieved. The project was selected as a success story by the CORNET committee (https://www.cornet.online/success-stories/success-story-cornet-project-salichem/).

Spartina maritima rich in lutein, alpha-linolenic acid, phytosterols and tocopherols could be used as ingredients in dermo-cosmetic products or in food supplements. In addition, its structural carbohydrate composition being comparable to other second generation feedstocks, such as wheat straw and corn stover, Spartina could be used as a new source of biogas and soluble
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Welcome to Robert Marsellés, our new expert!
 09 Mai 2017

Last April, CELABOR welcomed Robert Marsellés, a new expert within the framework of the « BEWARE Fellowships Industry » program.
Holder of a Ph.D in the field of food technologies and specialist of pulsed electric fields, Robert joined the Extraction department for which he will use his skills to implement new food conservation processes and to intensify the extraction processes.
With many years of experience in the Spanish cosmetic and food industries, Robert also conducted researches at the University of Lleida and even transmitted his knowledge in different high schools and universities.
CELABOR’s team wishes a warm welcome to Robert. We
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Plant Based Summit - Thank you!
 28 Avr 2017

CELABOR attended the Plant Based Summit in Lille to promote its Extraction and Packaging departments, as well as the advanced technologies they offer. We warmly thank all the visitors of our stand for their presence and for the fruitful discussions we had together! 

CELABOR at the Plant Based Summit
 28 Avr 2017

CELABOR will be exhibiting at the Plant Based Summit from 25 to 27 April in Lille. Meet us at booth A16 to learn more about our Extraction & Packaging activities! 

EMPACK 's-Hertogenbosch
 04 Avr 2017

CELABOR will be exhibiting at EMPACK on 5 & 6 April in 's-Hertogenbosch. Visit us (stand B315) in order to learn more about our Packaging activities! 

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