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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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 15 Fév 2018

Celabor will participate in the first edition of BIOKET, the world conference dedicated to processes and technologies applied to biomass, to be held in Strasbourg (Fr) from March 6 to 8 [1].
Our team at Celabor's Extraction department has been selected to present some of the know-how acquired in the Research and Development project. This active presence at an event of international dimension will further expand our network of industrial and academic contacts so that our customers can benefit from more and more information and knowledge dedicated to the treatment of biomass.
Our presentation (March 7, 5:15 pm) will focus on the extraction and recovery of chemical compounds from bioresources using improved extraction and separation processes [2]

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Welcome to Farouk Ayadi, our new expert!
 06 Fév 2018

In early February, Celabor welcomed Farouk Ayadi, a new expert within its Packaging department.

Farouk AYADI is a doctor in physicochemistry of materials at Reims Champagne Ardenne University. He then did a lot of research in several institutions in France and Italy and also passed on his knowledge to universities and colleges. He specialized in the fields of physicochemistry especially for biosourced materials, from the basic constituents to their implementation, with a strong involvement in the areas of surfaces (packaging, textile ...), and nanomaterials.


His expertise in these fields and its multidisciplinarity will allow on the one hand the assembly of collaborative R & ... Read more

Involvement of CELABOR in the VERDIR platform: the EXTRATECH project
 23 Jan 2018

The VERDIR center of excellence "Valorisation of the Environment through Sustainable Rehabilitation and Responsible Innovation " is an original and innovative approach carried by the University of Liège, which aims to take advantage of unavoidable energies and brownfields, based on the three pillars of sustainability, which are respect for the environment, social equity and economic performance. To this, the VERDIR cluster adds a fourth pillar, the one of the creation of knowledge and know-how, through the sharing of knowledge, to improve also the well-being and the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Basins of Liège and Sambreville.

Within this framework, several departments of the University of Liège and CELABOR have joined forces to submit a project portfolio
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Cluster meeting
 09 Jan 2018

On December 5th 2017, Celabor participated for the first time in the plenary meeting as a new member of the Plastiwin cluster (the plasturgy cluster in Wallonia). The topic of this meeting was "Plastics: Stop Prejudice! ".

As manager and expert in the Celabor packaging department, Mathurin Grogna has presented an overview called “Plastic packaging it excites!” [available in annex] (VF only). This presentation was the opportunity to objectivize the using of plastic in the packaging.

This plenary meeting was also a good opportunity for Celabor to discuss about needs and expectations with plasturgy companies.


 28 Nov 2017

Four-year project to develop an integrated solution for the recovery and conversion of relevant fractions from wastewater to make natural additives and bioplastics
AFTERLIFE, a 4 million € EU project focused on finding an integrated solution for the recovery and conversion of relevant fractions from wastewater, was officially launched Monday September 11.
Led by EggPlant Srl, the project consortium is comprised of 15 partners from 7 European countries.
On September 11th and 12th the official kick-off was held for the Afterlife project in Bari, Italy. Scientists at companies and research institutes will be cooperating for the next four years ... Read more

Extraction and purification of natural substances
 11 Oct 2017

Last 3rd of October, CELABOR organized its first workshop aimed at presenting its activities in extraction and purification of natural substances.
We would like to thank our different speakers and in particular the Professor Jean-Hugues Renaud of the University of Reims and Mr. Grégoire Audo of Gilson Purification for their availability and for the quality of their presentations.
Thanks also to all the participants for their presence and the richness of the various exchanges.

See you soon for the next edition!

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