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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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Victory of a remarkable award for HiFoodTec
 13 Mai 2019

Monday, May 6th was held the 4th edition of "Culinary Innovators" organized by the prestigious culinary guide Gault & Millau. More than 100 innovative companies, individuals and organizations have applied for an award in one of nine categories.
We are pleased to announce that HIFOODTEC has won “ the 2019 Culinary Innovators Award” in the category “best institution or service”.

This award reflects the unique interest and quality of the integrated service provided by HiFoodTec coupled with Celabor's advanced technical expertise.
More information: https://be.gaultmillau.com/news/decouvrez-les-gagnants-des-culinary-innovators-awards-2019?fbclid=IwAR1p6dSAVDKQbre2cGLetdFHXI5m5Ugq5mpKNBamuXkxngjKzPJTxsyG1UI    

AFTERLIFE 1st General Assembly Meeting
 12 Nov 2018

After the first year of Afterlife project, the 15 European partners have gathered in VTT facilities in Espoo, Finland, to discuss about the current results and the next activities.

This first-year of work ables to give a clear view of which compounds are going to be recovered out of the wastewater coming from three water-intensive food companies, processing citruses (Citromil), cheese (Heritage 1466) and sweets (Jake). Proteins and sugars will directly be used in fermentation tank to produce Volatile ... Read more

 06 Nov 2018

Integrated cascades of PROcesses for the extraction and valorisation of proteins and bioactive molecules from Legumes, Fungi and Coffee agro-industrial side streams.
PROLIFICis the acronym of a research project that European SME and academic partners are joining forces, under the financial support of H2020-BBI-JTI-2017, with the ambition to discover and develop innovative food products, animal feeds, packaging materials and cosmetics from legumes, mushrooms and coffee agro-industrial wastes.
Coordinated by the FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Northwestern Arts (Switzerland), PROLIFIC is
... Read more

Welcome to Job Tchoumtchoua, our new expert!
 15 Oct 2018

In July, CELABOR welcomed in its team a new expert in extraction and chemical characterisation of natural products: Job TCHOUMTCHOUA.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Physiology at the University of Yaounde 1 in Cameroun, Job TCHOUMTCHOUA worked for several years in various research institutions in Greece. Notably, at the Hellenic Research Foundation, at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute, and at the School of Pharmacy of the University of Athens where he obtained a PhD in Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Chemistry in 2016. During his PhD thesis, he
... Read more

The EXCornsEED project
 03 Août 2018

CELABOR participates in the European EXCornsEED project on the extraction of functional ingredients from biorefinery residues for a total budget of € 7.2 million.

The EXCornsEED project brings together 13 partners from 8 European countries and has a budget of 4.2 million euros from Bio-Based Industries (BBI-JU) under the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union.

CELABOR participates in this project aimed at developing sustainable technologies for the production of functional ingredients that can be used in the food, chemical and cosmetic
... Read more

 06 Juin 2018

Four-year project to develop an integrated solution for the recovery and conversion of relevant fractions from wastewater to make natural additives and bioplastics
As mentioned in a previous news (AFTERLIFE Kick-off meeting), Celabor is one of the 15 partners involved in AFTERLIFE, a European collaborative project framed on the Bio-based Industries call (H2020-BBI-JTI-2016). The AFTERLIFE project proposes a flexible, cost- and resource-efficient process framed in the zero-waste and circular economy approach for the recovery and valorisation of the relevant
... Read more

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