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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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New accredited tests at CELABOR
 30 Jan 2012

CELABOR is now accredited according to ISO 17025 (by BELAC) for carrying out global migration tests on plastic food packaging.
The accredited tests are those done with aqueous food simulants (simulants A, B, C and D1).
Please contact us for further information or for a quotation

CWALity Programme – Launch of the call for proposals
 25 Jan 2012

CELABOR is delighted to announce the launch of the call for proposals regarding the CWALity programme, which is dedicated to Collaborative Research between an SME and a research organisation. If:
•             You are an SME
•             You wish to undertake industrial research in order to develop a new product, process or service meeting a market need and able to be commercially exploitable in the short term
•             Within the framework of this research you want a collaboration with an approved research centre
Then the CWALity call is made for you.

Closure of the ALBAQUA research project
 30 Jan 2012

The Cornet ALBAQUA project (http://www.cornet-albaqua.eu), in which Celabor was a partner since 2010, is over. On this occasion a conference was organised on 7 December 2011 in Munich at the head office of the PTS in order to present the results obtained.
You will find further information on this conference and the methods of registration in this document.

Equipment – New equipment for measurement of permeability
 25 Jan 2012

CELABOR recently completed its service offer with a GraviTest device, which makes it possible to test water vapour permeability of films (polymer or other materials) through a gravimetric method.
With a range of measurement from 20 to 40°C and from 10 to 90 % relative humidity, this equipment enables CELABOR to carry out these permeability tests in particular in accordance with ISO 2528

Project on PLA recycling
 25 Jan 2012

At the beginning of 2011, the Cornet project “PLA-2nd life” started, for a duration of 2 years. The Cornet project “PLA-2nd life” is coordinated by DKI and aims to study the recycling of waste from PLA production for its re-use in food packaging. The project is supported by Wallonia. Partners are DKI (Germany), IKV (Germany), VKC (Flanders) and CELABOR (Wallonia).
PLA packaging can be manufactured with the usual polymer transformation techniques. Some production waste is generated during the production process. Usually, this waste is not valorised because the effect of recycling on the properties of the final material is unknown.
This project should help European converters, mainly SMEs, against Asian competition. First, different sources of production waste will be identified and characterised. Additives
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Bisphenol A analysis
 25 Jan 2012

Following the 2010 reports challenging the non-toxicity of this substance, particularly for babies and young children, the usage of BPA was banned in the manufacture of plastic baby bottles. Baby bottles containing BPA have therefore been banned for sale in the European Union since July 2011. In the case of other materials containing BPA that may come into contact with food, the specific migration limit remains fixed at 0.6 mg/kg.
Recently CELABOR developed the BPA measurement method and is therefore able to assist you in testing all your products for BPA.

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