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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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Cornet Flaxhemplast Project
 25 Juin 2012

Within the framework of the Cornet projects, partially supported by Wallonia, Celabor has just started  a new project whose acronym is FLAXHEMPLAST.
This project aims at creating a breakthrough in the use of thermoplastic polymers reinforced with short-cut flax and hemp fibres, in "lead market" applications. One of the objectives is to use  conventional, "low cost" and "high-volume" processing technologies (injection, extrusion, thermoforming…).
In this project, Celabor will have for mission to characterize the fibres from the point of view of their dimensions/granulometry and their technical performances.
The other partners of the project are Flander's PlasticVision, the ... Read more

 18 Juin 2012

The SONOPULP projet (Sonication of natural fibres and agro-waste) is coming to an end after 2 years of research. The research partners who took part in the project are organising a workshop in order to present the project results to the public. This workshop will be held during the Zellcheming fair in Wiesbaden (Germany), on June 27th.
You can find any relevant information about the fair as well as the presentation abstracts in this flyer.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this event.

Cornet AOP4WATER project
 12 Mar 2012

CELABOR has been a partner in the AOP4WATER project for more than a year (http://www.cornet-aop4water.eu). This project is part of the ERA-NET CORNET programme, which is supported by Wallonia amongst others. The goal of this project is to improve advanced oxidation processes for waste water treatment as well as to evaluate the potential of reusing these waters for the industry.
Thanks to this project, CELABOR benefits from an international cooperation with SME and research centres from Germany, Slovenia and Czech Republic.
Halfway into the project, the first results from the different partners are very encouraging and ... Read more

Analysis of short natural fibres for composite materials
 20 Fév 2012

Within the framework of the CILAB project, supported by Wallonia and Feder, Celabor has acquired measurements devices using image analysis to characterize the granulometry and the morphology of the reinforcement fibres used in the injection and extrusion processes.
Those devices, originally devoted to the powders and the other roughly round shaped particles, have been modified and continue to be adapted for the specific needs of fibres which, by definition, are elements much longer than wide, which renders the analyses complex and requires particular parameters.
In cooperation with the Walloon company Occhio (Liège) who build those devices, Celabor make ... Read more

Composite materials - CILAB Project
 20 Fév 2012

Celabor is currently cooperating, for a duration of 4 years, to the CILAB Competitivity project (Composite Innovation Laboratory), supported by Wallonia and Feder.
It is a multi-sectorial platform of innovation and technological transfer on composite materials which comprises, aside from Celabor, Cenaero, Sirris, Multitel and Centexbel.
Celabor leads the workpackage "Industrialisation of biocomposites ".
The objective is to determine in which cases biocomposites, normally reinforced with natural fibres (hemps, flax, wood) can constitute an alternative to conventional materials.
Systematic trials are performed in order to compare the ... Read more

New accredited tests at CELABOR
 30 Jan 2012

CELABOR is now accredited according to ISO 17025 (by BELAC) for carrying out global migration tests on plastic food packaging.
The accredited tests are those done with aqueous food simulants (simulants A, B, C and D1).
Please contact us for further information or for a quotation

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