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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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SOLAPACK : new project on preventing the migration of critical substances from the packaging into foodstuff
 16 Nov 2012

SoLaPack is an acronym for Sorption Layers for paperbased Packaging materials. The project has started in May 2012.

The objective of this CORNET project is the development of concepts to ensure that critical substances cannot migrate in to the packaged food. Therefore sorption materials have to be incorporated into coating formulations to selectively sorb benzophenone, bisphenol A, phthalates and mineral oil from inks, varnishes, adhesive and recovered paper. A coating on the product side should prevent the contamination of food by migration of these substances, so that the critical values are not exceeded.

There are several steps in this project: characterisation ... Read more

New subcritical water extraction pilot
 04 Oct 2012

CELABOR recently acquired a unique equipment, used to extract solids with pressurized superheated liquids up to 200°C and 250 bars.
This allows for a significant reduction of the extraction time and the volume of solvent needed for the extraction.
One of the main goals of this installation is subcritical water extraction, i.e. liquid water heated at more than 100°C under pressure.
In addition to improved efficiency, water can sometimes substitute for solvent such as ethanol, with a significant improvement in terms of costs and explosion hazards.
First tests show that the treatment of vegetal matter done ... Read more

CELABOR at the EMPACK Brussels 2012
 04 Sept 2012

Like every year, CELABOR will participate in the EMPACK Brussels fair in 2012. The Empack is the biggest packaging fair in Belgium.
Come visit us on our stand H042 on September 26th and 27th! You can order a free pass here.

The Empack fair showcases all the trends and new packaging solutions. This year, the emphasis is put on two themes:
- Innovation: all the new products, services and applications with an added value for the packaging process.
- Ecopack: an overview of sustainable packaging solutions.

This is also the occasion to go to the ‘learnShops’; ... Read more

Accelerated aging study and measure of dissolved and gaseous oxygen
 13 Août 2012

In order to maintain and control quality and shelf-life of foodstuff, it is vital to quantify the impact of oxygen on the reactions responsible for oxidative aging. Therefore, CELABOR has acquired 2 new equipments as part of the Micropack project, which is supported by Wallonia and Feder.

The first equipment is used to measure partial oxygen pressure in packed foodstuff. The measurement is non-destructive and uses optical sensors linked to an optical fibre measuring oxygen. This technique is based on the fluorescent quenching principle. This allows for ... Read more

Cornet Flaxhemplast Project
 25 Juin 2012

Within the framework of the Cornet projects, partially supported by Wallonia, Celabor has just started  a new project whose acronym is FLAXHEMPLAST.
This project aims at creating a breakthrough in the use of thermoplastic polymers reinforced with short-cut flax and hemp fibres, in "lead market" applications. One of the objectives is to use  conventional, "low cost" and "high-volume" processing technologies (injection, extrusion, thermoforming…).
In this project, Celabor will have for mission to characterize the fibres from the point of view of their dimensions/granulometry and their technical performances.
The other partners of the project are Flander's PlasticVision, the ... Read more

 18 Juin 2012

The SONOPULP projet (Sonication of natural fibres and agro-waste) is coming to an end after 2 years of research. The research partners who took part in the project are organising a workshop in order to present the project results to the public. This workshop will be held during the Zellcheming fair in Wiesbaden (Germany), on June 27th.
You can find any relevant information about the fair as well as the presentation abstracts in this flyer.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this event.

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