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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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Dpod : a project about decontamination of run-off waters
 13 Nov 2013

The DPOD project - Decontamination of run-off waters with permeable road structures – is a project granted by the Walloon Region in the framework of the Collective Research 2012 call.

The four partners are: the CRR - Belgian Road Research Centre –, the CEWAC – Walloon research centre of assembly and material control, the CWBI (ULg) - WalloonCentreof Industrial Biology, and the CELABOR.


For several years now, a growing number of areas are being covered with impermeable materials, which increases the risk ... Read more

A 100% biobased, extruded packaging to preserve foodstuff
 28 Oct 2013

That’s the challenge to overcame in EXTRUMiBi, the newest European research project (CORNET) at CELABOR. The kick-off meeting took place at CELABOR on October 1st with our research partners: Fraunhofer IVV (Germany) and ZUT-CBIMO (Poland).

The objective is to develop new active packaging for foodstuff by extrusion process, composed of biobased polymer and anti-bacterial agent. Solutions are already present on the market, made of a polymer lacquered with an anti-microbial solution. On one hand, this process does not require high process temperatures, and therefore does not ... Read more

FLEXINAD: flexographic substrates for improved ink adhesion and printability
 03 Oct 2013

The FLEXINAD research project aims to provide recommendations for printers in order to avoid printed defects due to the adhesion problem of the flexographic ink and provide procedures if faults occur.

Most of printed defects are due to strength problems like cohesion and adhesion of ink on substrate and between two inks. In this project, the main causes of printed defects due to the adhesion of the first ink layer on the substrate will be studied.
There are different steps in this project:
CELABOR at the EMPACK Brussels 2013
 09 Sept 2013

Like every year, CELABOR will participate in the EMPACK Brussels fair in 2013. Empack is the biggest packaging fair in Belgium.
Come visit us on our stand 6.103 on October 2ndand 3rd! You can order a free pass here.
The Empack fair showcases all the trends and new packaging solutions. This year, the emphasis is put on two themes:
  • Innovation: all the new products, services and applications with an added value for the packaging process.
  • Ecopack: an overview of sustainable ... Read more

CEPI-CTS: Newsletter
 08 Août 2013

The CEPI-CTS (Comparative Testing Service) is the interlaboratory proficiency test organised by the Confederation of European Paper Industries. The service occurs every 6 months at a European scale and offers more than 100 different tests on paper and board.
Do you want to know more? You can check the CEPI-CTS website or the latest newsletter.

Survey: knowledge on biodegradable packaging
 24 Juil 2013

As part of a European project called Ecopack (http://www.ecopack-label.eu/), we are carrying out a small survey towards raw material manufacturers, packaging producers, end-users and other stakeholders of the sector, in order to assess the knowledge on biodegradable packaging and how they are perceived. This survey is totally anonymous. We kindly ask you to complete these few questions available online at: Manufacturers & Stakeholders
Since the treatment of waste from packaging is a social issue, we have also prepared a questionnaire for ... Read more

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