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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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OxygelPLUS project: development of a gel for persistent organic pollutants degradation in contaminated soils
 03 Juil 2014

The OxygelPLUS project, collaboration between the company Biorem and CELABOR, has just ended with promising results.
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs, such as chlorinated solvents) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are major examples of persistent organic pollutants accumulated in the environment (soil, groundwater …) after their historical uses in various industries. The in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) is a technology used to degrade toxic pollutants on site.
This project has developed an innovative technology to degrade these pollutants. OxygelPLUS is based on the slow release of oxidative radicals and permits to avoid the rebound effect. The product is ... Read more

Conference day 27/05/14 - Natural Fibres
 13 Mai 2014

Celabor organizes with its partners of the Interreg IVB "Grow2Build" project and the Eco-Construction cluster, a conference day on the uses of the natural fibres in the building sector, especially devoted to the architects.

See details below (only in French):

17th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention in Brussels, Belgium - April 23-25, 2014
 03 Mar 2014


10 lectures from leading experts will cover a large scope of the encapsulation field. Selection mixes senior scientists with an understanding of encapsulation processes, with experienced business practitioners of well established practical applications. 

A broad state-of-the-art showcase presenting R & D services, Equipment & Tools, Material & Chemicals, Established Techniques in the realm of microencapsulation. Meet your future suppliers of equipments, services and production.
One to ... Read more

Florpro Project: promoting biopreservation agents in fresh food through packaging
 28 Fév 2014

Since 2013 and with the financial support of the Walloon Region, CELABOR has been participating in the Florpro Project in association with the University of Liège and five food manufacturing companies. The aim of this project is to extend the shelf-life of refrigerated foods thanks to bioprotecting bacteria (see Newsletter from 07/22/2013).
In addition to the research carried out on the biochemical alterations of preserved foods, CELABOR takes part in modified atmosphere packaging optimization. The headspace composition is one of the most important factors in the
... Read more

The burst testing, a quick, cheap and performing test
 05 Fév 2014

Celabor recently acquired a new burst tester in order to measure the resistance of flat materials like papers, nonwovens and fabrics.
This fully computerised device allows to determine in one single operation the multidirectional tensile strength of the material. This one, submitted to a "swelling" effect under a growing pressure, is able to resist until the moment when it "burts", and the pressure reached at that moment is an important characteristic of this material.
If the fabric-type materials generally burst in a clearly detectable way, it is not the case with the numerous nonwovens used in all kinds of
... Read more

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