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Food Technologies

Food Technologies

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CELABOR at the EMPACK Brussels 2014
 09 Sept 2014

Like every year, CELABOR will participate to the EMPACK Brussels fair 2014. The Empack is the biggest packaging fair in Belgium.
Come and visit us on our stand E 020 on September 24 & 25! You can order a free pass here.
The Empack fair will present all the trends and new packaging solutions.
This is also the opportunity to attend seminars related to relevant topics as print packaging, smart labeling, food contact and sustainable packaging.
The conference program is available
... Read more

A customized protection !
 25 Août 2014

In May 2013 began the collaboration between JAM&Ry and the Packaging Department of CELABOR, in the framework of a « Chèque Technologique » (www.ct.innovons.be).
JAM&RY (www.jamry.be), young company located in Liège which was founded in 2011 under the leadership of Catherine Jamar and her husband Luc Mairy, offers various solutions for customised wedging and protection of items during transport, shipping and handling.
The company has especially developed a cardboard corner protection : the Elastocoin (www.facebook.com/elastocoin), which received the Greener Packaging Award 2013. The Elastocoin ... Read more

A new trend in the food industry : the Clean Label
 21 Août 2014

Further to different food safety crisis, which have lead to a bigger awareness of the consumers regarding the quality of what they eat, the food industry had to cope with an increasing demand of healthier products. This was achieved over the years with the development of several ranges of goods, organic products for example.
The Clean Label appeared in this same movement. There is no legal definition for “Clean Label”, but it generally implies the absence of “E numbers” on the labelling ... Read more

OxygelPLUS project: development of a gel for persistent organic pollutants degradation in contaminated soils
 03 Juil 2014

The OxygelPLUS project, collaboration between the company Biorem and CELABOR, has just ended with promising results.
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs, such as chlorinated solvents) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are major examples of persistent organic pollutants accumulated in the environment (soil, groundwater …) after their historical uses in various industries. The in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) is a technology used to degrade toxic pollutants on site.
This project has developed an innovative technology to degrade these pollutants. OxygelPLUS is based on the slow release of oxidative radicals and permits to avoid the rebound effect. The product is ... Read more

Conference day 27/05/14 - Natural Fibres
 13 Mai 2014

Celabor organizes with its partners of the Interreg IVB "Grow2Build" project and the Eco-Construction cluster, a conference day on the uses of the natural fibres in the building sector, especially devoted to the architects.

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